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  • About Printing plate

    About Printing plate

    The base plate can be cold rolled base plate, electro-galvanized base plate, hot-dip galvanized base plate, and aluminum-zinc plated steel plate. Materials with appropriate mechanical properties should be selected according to different applications. Cold rolled substrate The color-coated steel p...
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  • Fluorocarbon color coated sheet

    Fluorocarbon color coated sheet

    Fluorocarbon color-coated board is a metal baking varnish coated board that uses PVDF fluorocarbon resin fluorocarbon coating to be coated on a metal plate, and then baked at a high temperature. PVDF fluorocarbon coating is the best of the existing architectural coatings, and is recognized as the...
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  • galvanized coil

    galvanized coil

    For galvanized coils, the thin steel plate is immersed in the molten zinc bath to make the surface of the zinc thin steel plate adhered. It is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, that is, continuous immersion of rolled steel sheets in a galvanizing tank with molten zinc to make gal...
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  • color steel plate and manual plate which is more advantageous

    color steel plate and manual plate which is more advantageous

    Sandwich color steel plates can be divided into machine-made plates and hand-made plates according to their different production processes. According to the different processes of the two, there are certain differences in production cost and quality. The machine-made board is also called the tong...
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  • Classification of galvanized sheet

    Classification of galvanized sheet

    Alloyed galvanized steel plate: This special tubular steel plate is made by hot dip, but immediately after the tank, it is heated to about 500℃, so that it produces zinc and iron alloy coating. The galvanized sheet has good coating adhesion. Single-sided and double-sided galvanized steel: Single-...
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  • Application field of galvanized sheet

    Application field of galvanized sheet

    Galvanized sheet is a sheet with a layer of zinc on the surface, now an economical and effective anti-corrosion method is adopted in the market——galvanized, half of the zinc used in the galvanizing process of sheet metal. This process can prevent the surface of steel fro...
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