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Hampden’s giant flamingo is about to become a flamingosaurus | Gi Sheet Properties

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STEP 2 (optional) If your metal is painted, apply a paint stripper to the entire surface of the object according to the manufacturer’s instructions to remove this layer of color. Gently scuff off any remaining flecks of paint using a paint scraper.

Purinton says they do work hard to keep the passenger cabin warm and the decks clear of ice for the safety of its ferry riders during trips. 

Precyclers are the perfect desk accessory for an open plan recycling solution. They are designed to…

a, b, Plots show predicted population-weighted mean prevalence of houses built with finished materials (a) and improved housing (b). Bars represent each country in 2000 (purple) and 2015 (purple and green combined). Houses were classified as improved if they had all of the following characteristics: improved water supply, improved sanitation, three or fewer people per bedroom and house made of finished materials (Extended Data Table 1 and Supplementary Methods). CAR, Central African Republic; Congo, Republic of the Congo; DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Teslacigs CP Couples Kit 220W | Chucking cloud machine | Elegomall.com

ES: Back in the day (circa 2006-2007), I saw a Tumblr post of Debra Baxter’s crystal knuckle rings. That inspired me to design some jewelry of my own. I feel like she started me on my path. Soon after that, I took a welding class at CCS and loved it! If I wasn’t already in my junior year of college when I took the welding class, I probably would have changed my major. CCS is far too expensive to change your major unless you’re from a wealthy family. Even though I had this jewelry idea, it wasn’t until after CCS that I learned how to solder and work with softer metals.

“Elevator companies like Thyssenkrupp, Schindler, and Kone Elevator are big customers of ours,” said Alex Stobo, vice president of operations at Peelle. “They all concentrate on building elevators for the passenger market. But on big projects like malls, they still have to provide freight elevators, so they subcontract that work out to others. Sometimes they buy the doors straight from us, sometimes the orders for our doors are packaged with that of a consolidator who supplies the whole freight elevator.”

The Go Bo Foundation was created by the Johnson family to honor their son, Bo, who was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in 2012. 

ES: I was taught how to oxyacetylene weld at CCS, I was taught MIG in the Women Who Weld program, and I was taught how to solder at this little jewelry school in Franklin (Fritz and Friends, which is now closed). I wish I would have had more interest in welding while my grandpa was still alive. I would have loved the bonding time in his garage learning how to weld. But I learned all my welding or soldering in a class.

Teslacigs CP Couples Kit 220W | Chucking cloud machine | Elegomall.com

Several suppliers have donated materials, including Sheffield Metals from Atlanta, Ga., which donated 14,000 square feet of painted metal worth $17,000. The total contribution for the project in labor in materials is expected to exceed $60,000. 

Hi Andrew, The only field test I believe you can be referring to is a PMI test. It’s a non-destructive spectrographic chemical analysis. It won’t determine which grade it is but might prove it can’t be S355. Hope that makes sense. Kind Regards, Paul Murphy (Masteel UK Ltd)

I’ll take the — which order should we go in. I think, generally, on the supply side or just the supply demand balance, on coated and — coated sheet, coated, pre-paint, we see very, very strong demand and supply tightness I do believe, and so that order book is very, very good for us. Lead times are five to six weeks out in the most part. We are seeing a little softness, and you’re seeing that in the pricing in the marketplace right now, obviously in hot-rolled coil. You do have imports of hot-rolled coil specifically jumped up. You also — as you said, you have JSW Mingo Junction trying to penetrate the marketplace, not with very many tons, but unfortunately, sometimes, it only takes a few tons to pressure a market environment. So we are seeing a little bit of the impact there. Granite City obviously coming back. Again, though, I think once the uncertainty of the environment and the — not the uncertainty but recognition of scrap pricing is probably going to be level in the months ahead, people are going to jump back in and start buying.

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