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Colored Roof Slab


Colored Roof Slab


color coated steel plate, color coated steel plate is a kind of organic coating of steel plate, with good corrosion resistance, bright colors, beautiful appearance, convenient

processing and molding with the strength of the original steel plate and other advantages and low cost characteristics.The substrate of color-coated steel plate is cold-rolled

substrate,hot-dip galvanized substrate and galvanized zinc substrate.Coating types can be divided into polyester, silicon modified polyester, polydifluoroethylene and

plastisol.The surface state of color coated steel plate can be divided into coating board, embossed board and printing board, color coated steel plate is widely used in building

home appliances and transportation and other industries, for the construction industry is mainly used in steel structure workshop, airport, warehouse and refrigeration and

other industrial and commercial buildings roof walls and doors, civil buildings use less color steel plate.It differs from plastic steel in the composition of the material.The

magnet can suck.

Post time: Aug-25-2020