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Wanzhi Charitable Foundation

Wanzhi Charity Foundation

Foundation Concept

What the Wanzhi Charity Foundation is doing is to provide a journey of wisdom through the behavior of the recipients. We sincerely invite more companies and individuals around us to participate in the harmonious sharing of charity, spread the charity good spirit of "helping each other" by positive energy and love to be a light to warm this world.

Founded in 2016, Wanzhi Charity Foundation is a private non-profit charitable foundation initiated by Mr. Wang Huamin, Chairman of Wanzhi Group, and managed by Ms. Fu Fengxia, Chief Financial Officer of the Wanzhi Group.

The foundation temporarily only carries out related projects and activities within the influence area of the group company due to the limitations of the development scale and growth process of the Wanzhi Charity Foundation.
At this stage, the Foundation is mainly dedicated to solving the humane care and humanitarian assistance of the members of the Wanzhi Group. It mainly includes four modules: employee psychological counseling, family medical assistance for the poor, family members' care for poor families, and infant welfare growth and welfare.
Currently, the Foundation's funding sources are mainly derived from the corporate revenue of the Wanzhi Group. The Board of Directors of Wanzhi Group will donate 10% of the annual profit of the group company to the Foundation every year. This special foundation is used for the daily operation of the Foundation and related project fund support.
In the future, Wanzhi Charity Foundation will continue to realize the transformation of the modern management mode of foundation enterprise under the guidance of the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Wang Huamin. While persisting in innovation, we will continue to expand the influence of the Foundation and explore new models that can solve social problems, promote the development of charitable industries, and generate greater social influence, and bring the light of the Wanzhi Charity Foundation to farther areas and light up more people.

Thanks to every customer, thanks to every partner, thanks to every agent, you made the Wanzhi Charity Foundation and gave the foundation the financial support and confidence to continue to move forward. Please accept deep respect and thanks from every members of Wanzhi Group.

Thank you all.
Let's light up the world together.

Foundation Chairman Speech

Dear friends,
Wanzhi Group is an emerging private enterprise, compared to many mature companies, we are still just a chaser. There is still a long road and process need to explore and grow, but Wanzhi people are humble and grateful, they are confident and unwavering to go hand in hand to achieve the dreams and glory of our Wanzhi people.
From the beginning of I built the Wanzhi Company, I already have the prototype of the foundation in my thought. I always believe that fill more people with love is the real goal and ultimate meaning in life of a person.
As a business person, philanthropy is the social responsibility and inevitable obligation of an enterprise after it has reached a certain stage of maturity, at the same time, it is one of the most important ways that That repay to society.
Relying on the Wanzhi Group, we established Wanzhi Charity Foundation, the specific concerns of the charitable foundation are: empty nesters, left-behind children, children out of school due to poverty, and etc... This is not only the high consensus of all the directors of Wanzhi Group, but also the common wish of all Wanzhi people.
In the future, Wanzhi Charity Foundation will make full use of the foundation platform and carrier on the basis of openness and transparency, by promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of patriotism and serving the society. We will attract more caring companies and people to participate in our philanthropy to expand the influence of the Wanzhi Charity Foundation, to call on more entrepreneurs and individuals to make new and greater achievements for charity, to ignite more compatriots! Warm more people and be a glory people of our country!!